About Korjob Canada

KORJOBCANADA RECRUITING is a full-service consulting, recruitment and placement agency. We specialize in helping our applicants secure quality teaching positions in Korea and guide them through every step of the process. We are comprised of ex-teachers turned recruiters, along with our native Korean representatives.

We provide placements in reputable private language schools throughout South Korea. Our English/Korean partnership covers all the bases, ensuring for a smooth, and stress-free transition into a new culture. We process placements for applicants from all native English-speaking countries. Our services are offered FREE OF CHARGE and can be indispensable to anyone interested in securing a teaching job in South Korea.


  • To place our applicants in schools that fit their preferences and qualifications.


  • To aim to represent our teachers and act as their negotiator.


  • To supervise our teachers’ professional employment.


  • To get feedback from our teachers.


  • To help our teachers to get adjusted to living in Korea.




  • We are Canadian, and operate in English. As ex-teachers ourselves, we approach our business from the teacher’s point of view.


  • We provide free consultation sessions to those interested in learning more about this opportunity.


  • We know what separates a good placement from a bad placement. We take the time to find the best fit for our applicants. This is demonstrated through our excellent track record of successful placements. See our Testimonials and Reviews page for some feedback from some of our teachers.


  • We do not necessarily work with all applicants who apply. Applicants are screened and interviewed prior to being accepted into the KorjobCanada program.


  • Our service is designed to transcend the cultural and language barriers to ensure that there are no communication issues between our applicants and our client-schools.


  • We do our best to support our teachers from the time they apply to the end of their contract.

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