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Hear what some of our teachers have to say about their placement with us:


Leela Dzyk (US)korjobcanada is not korjob

Hi David and everyone at Korjob Canada, I would just like to let you know
how much I appreciate the services of your Recruiting Agency. I am very
happy at the school I am at currently and the director is amazing.
Thank you once I again for all your hard work I appreciated it from
the bottom of my heart!



My name is Jenny and I arrived in Korea in mid January with the help of KorjobCanada. They did an excellent job placing me with a great school. Korjob really looks out for you and is a very reliable and trustworthy agency. I am very happy with my results. Korea is a very different country, but it is very exciting here. I am meeting many friends and I am loving teaching. Korea is a beautiful country with many places to see and much to experience. This is quite an adventure and I am excited to keep learning and experiencing.  



“David helped me find a job in Gwangju, South Korea at a Hagwon (private school). He was helpful and professional the entire time, and made the process of getting my documents and self ready for the job relatively painless. The school that I went to turned out to be a great school, and I was lucky with where I was placed compared to what is available for first time ESL teachers.”
Service Category: Recruiter
Year first hired: 2010
Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time



Anyone looking for an exciting new experience I highly recommend teaching in South Korea. Korjob Canada Recruiting found a school and city that were perfect for me. I was well-prepared for the trip and had a smooth transition. I could not have had a better first month!

I feel like I may be able to write something better but anyways here you go…feel free to change it. Thanks for everything I really am having a great time!

Take care,




Hi David,

Korea is awesome! I’m so glad I’m here, I can’t thank you enough for your help!

I’ve been meaning to email you since I got here, but I’ve been so busy. The classes are a lot of work; I have 14 4 and 5 year olds… not exactly what I expected but I have a Korean co-teacher who is always in the class and the kids are sooo cute! it makes up for a lot. I also have two elementary school classes, so I’m at work everyday from 9:30 to 6:50, but some days I teach until 5:30 and others 6:30. Teaching is exhausting! I’ve heard you get used to it though.

Wangsimni is a great place to live, I can get anywhere on the subway line easily. The apartments are small but there’s enough space for everything so its quite comfortable. I live with 9 of the other teachers from school and they’re all up for going out and experiencing as much as possible so its been a great first two weeks!

Thank you for all of your advice and patience, and for finding me a great position! Some of the other teachers were looking for months.

All the best,




Hey David,

I just bought my adapter for Korean outlets. Now i can use my computer to write you and thank you for your help in obtaining my teaching position.


I have been here since Sunday at 10 pm KST and everybody is great. My Bosses have been more than helpful, co workers are really nice, and from what I’ve seen of the area, I’m really going to like it.  Ohh, and the kids are great and really smart. (One co teacher said they are smarter than the average students)

If you don’t mind, I might write some GOOD reviews on your company and how you got me a good placement. If you would rather me not, let me know and I will say nothing.

I know its early but I really think this is going to work out great.

Thank you again.




Dear David,

It has be about 3 and a half months here in Daegu, South Korea. I’m sorry I have not kept up with you. I have been quite busy. I am very happy here.

The Sangin Wonderland you have placed me at is a great school. I enjoy the students, the Director, my Foreign coworkers as well as my Korean coworkers. From what I hear, the other Wonderlands in Daegu are far less glamorous and I am glad I was not placed at either of those.

I have met several people from around the world. I love the people, the music, the food, and even the language.

I can easily see myself staying longer than a year. However, if I do, I may want to see another part of Korea. But that is many months away. In the mean time, I am content.

Again, thank you. I hope all is well in Vancouver.


Jarrod W. Clegg



Hi David,

I forgot to email you back. Sorry about that I’ve been pretty busy and it slipped my mind. Everything is going great over here! I really like it so far and I really like all of my co-workers. Kylie’s mom is very nice and has treated me very well. I’m very happy with my situation and couldn’t really ask for much more. Thanks for everything that you’ve done for me David. I hope you are doing well in Vancouver.


Alex Park


Sarnia Harmon (US):

Hello Mr.Ball,

Thank you for all of your help! I’m finding Korea to be a great place and absolutely love teaching at my school.


Sarnia Harmon



Hi David,

I just wanted to let you know that I made it here and everything is going great. The apartment is nice and the school has been very helpful. I start taking over classes on Wednesday.

Thanks for everything.

Ben Haynes



Hi there David,

Everything is going quite well so far. The school is very different that i expected, in a good way! It is bigger then the one i taught in Japan, and themes of the classes are great! It is, quite naturally, going to take some adjustment time, but i am very pleased with the director and the school thus far. Thanks for all of your hard work!!




Hi David,

We are settling in here in our apartment and everything looks pretty good. We had our first day at the school today, just meeting the students and staff and observing classes. We should start teaching next Monday.

I just wanted to let you know that everything has gone smoothly so far and we are looking forward to a fun year.

Thank you and have a happy new year.




Hi David.

Everything went well on the flight and getting settled into my apartment in gwanju. I arrived around 11 pm in gwangju on Monday night. There were some foreign teachers that met me at the bus station and showed me to my place. I started work on Tuesday morning and am already teaching classes. The kids are great and the staff has been extremely helpful and kind. I think my body has finally adjusted to the time switch. I am looking forward to my stay and experience here and can’t wait to explore more of the area and meet new people. Thanks for everything David, you have been very helpful and informative. The transition went well. Time to get ready for school. Talk to you later.





Hey David. This is Shana Robinson. You placed my in Hwajeong Seoul in late August. Anyways, just wanted to drop you a line saying that things are going well here so far and I really enjoy living in Korea. I like teaching too. So everything is pretty good all around. Thank you so much for your help this summer and placing me in a school that fits so well.
Take care,
Shana Robinson



Hi David,

I’m in Korea, and everything is going well. The trip was without incident, and I’m settling in nicely at the school. I just recently got the internet hooked up, and so is why you hadn’t heard from me earlier. Anyhow, just wanted to let you know how I’m doing as well as saying thank you for making the transition a smooth one.





Hi David!

I’m officially in Korea! Technically, I was officially in yesterday, but I was pretty tired, and it was pretty late, so it probably doesn’t count.

Today I trained with one of the foreign teachers, and it was his last day, so I start tomorrow! yay! I’m a little nervous, lol, but I got him to explain exactly what he did with each class every day, so I feel better now. I really like the other teachers, english and korean, and the kids are sweet natured, though very hyper and very loud… I might need ear plugs. Thanks for everything, keep me updated, and have an rockin’ day! (It is day where you are, isn’t it? This time zone thing is totally throwing me…) Cheers!





I wanted to let you know that I have arrived safely in Yong-in. Thank you for all your help, you’ve been awesome. If I need any help with anything in the future I will let you know.





Hello David

Just wanted to let you know that i arrived safe, and everything has been smooth so far. From what the other teachers have said the school is a great place to learn how to teach, and a great place to work. I started training today and got my bank account set up. Korea is an amazing country and i have really enjoyed myself so far! Thanks for everything!




Thanks for all your help David, I really do appreciate everything. So far everything w/ the school has been wonderful. I’ll be sure to keep in touch! and I’ll also be sure to refer any of my friends that are looking for jobs to you.



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