When should I apply for a teaching position? How long does it take?


We receive many applicants who want to begin positions asap. This is often the case as they are excited at the prospect of living and working in Korea. However, although often positions such as this come up (for various reasons), it is wise to look into securing a position 2-4 months ahead of time.

Positions in the competitive areas (which these days constitute most areas), tend to fill up early (2-4 months before the scheduled start date). So, although you may be waiting a little longer in anticipation of your departure date, it will certainly be worth it in the end.

When positions come up an ae asap, it is because the teacher they had secured earlier has either backed out, or have issues with their visa documents. If you would like to leave asap, it is wise to have all your visa documents prepared and and be ready to leave.


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