* Interviewing with ESL schools

Tips for Interviewing with ESL Schools:

After preparing documents and a good application package, the first step in securing a position is to receive a job offer. Applicants can either pass or fail their interview so it is key to be prepared and maximize your chances of receiving an offer.

Once a teacher receives an offer, we have a few days for you to go over the contract, communicate with a foreign teacher, and do further research if you like. As your agent, we are here to answer any questions you have and assist in any way we can.

However, without a job offer we have no option but to move on to a new potential position, so here are some key interview tips that can help you achieve optimum results. Basically, school directors are seeking the following combination:

  • Presentation: This is a Skype video interview, so be sure to look proper, and have suitable lighting and back background. 
  • Enthusiasm (I cannot emphasis this enough. Most applicants fail their interview because they are lacking in this department). These schools teach little kids, so they are looking for lots of positive energy during the interview. Over-act if you have to – you’ve got a little window to sell yourself).
  • An affinity with children
  • A passion for teaching: be prepared to discuss any prior teaching experience you have. if not, any experience you have related to teaching, coaching leadership or children, volunteer or paid.
  • Good positive energy and and some humour (smiles).
  • A good clear voice
  • Hard-working and diligent teachers
  • Adaptable and open-minded (the Korean way can be different from the western way)

Aside from the above, it is always good to have questions prepared to help a proper discourse along. The interviewee should not be silent, but be talkative and give the director a chance to get to know them.

  • How many students per class?
  • What are the ages of the students?
  • What kind of curriculum do you use?
  • Is there anything I can bring to add to the curriculum (this is a good one as it shows you have an inherent interest in being an educator).

Following a successful interview with one of our client-schools, we then make sure that all additional questions by our candidates are answered in full.

* Download: Tips for Interviewing with ESL Schools

We hope this proves helpful to you.

Good luck!


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